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Piper Hill Farm

11606 Bullock Road | Middleton ID 83644
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Our mission is to create a healthy, hands on and happy farm. All of our animals are fed organically. We know and love our animals and consider them part of our family, so their happiness and health is one of our primary goals.

Weeds are pulled, burned, or sprayed organically. The only weed we spot spray is Goat Head Weed, as well as pulling and burning them. We love our Earth and work to treat her well. Our love for our animals is part of our love for our Earth…



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LarryMr. Farmer
Larry is the brawn of the operation. He works really hard to make this farm a productive one and gets great satisfaction from creating a functioning farm from a weedy mess. He says all this farm work is very grounding to him, and helps him connect to nature. He loves to eat the results. He has grand plans for beef, a garden, and, planting his favorite flowers. Larry is the King of the farm and King Butcherer, plus handler of anything disgusting.
NancyMs. Farmer
Nancy is more the organizer, list maker, and web searcher of the farm operation. Behind the scene, she keeps their focus on moving the farm forward towards production. And focusing on creating the agritourism aspect of the farm which will result in bringing people on the farm to experience the land, the animals, and being good stewards of the Earth. Larry appreciates all the experience that Nancy has had in growing a farm and small organic farming in general, and relies on her for the subtle and not so subtle nuances, that are a constant in farming. Nancy is the one that sees the future and is the Queen of the farm.
LilyThe Princess
Lili is a star—the most wonderful dog! She lights up our life and brings joy to my Being. She is a 12 year old toy poodle who is an awesome farm dog. Because she is so full of love and joy, she is not afraid of anything. She totally loves the animals, especially any baby ones. She wants to kiss them and wants them to kiss her. Even though she is only 10 pounds, she has filled enormously large boots!
ThunderHead of Security
Thunder is our LGD—”Livestock Guardian Dog.” He believes that all he sees is his to protect and make safe. Sometimes he even howls to the coyotes! He works hard at making sure every sound or movement is not a threat to anyone or anything he loves.
Nellie & Jasmine
Nellie & JasmineSecurity Staff
Nellie and Jasmine are Lab sisters. They love everything and everyone and sometimes try to follow Thunder’s lead. Mostly though, because we do not have any livestock yet, they are Thunder’s livestock. They like to play and roll around and jump all over Thunder. He tolerates all that they do to him, as any LGD would do.


How are duck eggs different than chicken eggs?2019-06-17T20:08:09+00:00

Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs, plus their shells are really, really thick. Because of that, they are harder to crack. They are also a little richer, so they are yummy to use in baking. They make de-li-cious deviled eggs! If you want to learn more about the difference between duck and chicken eggs, click HERE.

What animals live on the farm?2019-06-17T20:08:15+00:00

Right now, we only have poultry. By that I mean, chickens, ducks, a small flock of Heritage turkeys and peacocks. The reason we are limited to these animals right now is because we are re-doing our pastures in 2019. Once they are re-seeded, and the pastures have nice pasture grass growing strong, then we will add beef cows.  Beyond that, it depends on what Nancy can talk Larry into adding to the farm!

Do turkeys lay eggs?2019-06-17T20:08:19+00:00

Yes, they do! Our flock consists of an Alpha male (our “Big Tom”), some younger males (we will keep one of those), and some hens (young ones and less young ones). We plan on letting them sit on eggs when the spring comes so that we can keep replenishing our flock. Also, weeding out the turkeys we are not interested in keeping, by having delicious organically fed turkey. 

The turkeys have begun laying eggs, so we sell those eggs along with the duck and chicken eggs. They are between the size of the chicken and duck eggs and they have light brown speckles.

What is an LGD dog?2019-06-17T20:08:24+00:00

Thunder is a Maremma Sheepdog (meaning they were bred to guard sheep)—our “Livestock Guard Dog (LGD).” His breed came to the U.S. from Italy in the 1970s. Unfortunately, we don’t have livestock so he only has his two girls—the female labs—and us, to guard. And, in the future, when he is out with the livestock, he will protect them from predators.

He does bark when he hears the coyotes and sometime howls.  He also waits and watches for the locally fed feral cats, barking, whining to them and wagging his tail. (He loves cats and wants to be their friend.)



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Early in 2019, Nancy was part of the starting of a group to help heal the Earth. Continuing as an Administrator, she is committed to being part of a community that is working to, one person at a time, having an impact on healing the Earth. In the group, members post ideas, articles, and discuss possible changes to their life practices. Her basic belief is that we all can do something; one person at a time, one idea at a time, and together, we can make a difference. Come join us!